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Where Kidz come to Learn, Play, and Grow

Our Philosophy

  We believe that each child deserves a safe and nurturing environment to learn and develop to their highest potential. We accept, respect and celebrate families and children from all nationalities and backgrounds in our classrooms.

   We provide a unique mix of play based curriculum as well as teacher led curriculum to give the children a well rounded learning experience.

   Our highly qualified staff strive to develop and offer developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities to enhance social, emotional physical, and intellectual growth in our students.

Our Goals

1. To provide a safe and caring environment for children in what may be their first school experience.

2. To provide interesting, age-appropriate activities and experiences, which help children feel confident about themselves and their environment.

3. To help children learn to relate to each other positively in a group experience and develop necessary social skills.

4. To nurture each child’s individuality, foster positive self-esteem, and encourage creativity.

5. To address the special needs of each child as a separate individual.

6. To provide activities for exploration in the following areas: music and movement, creative art, science and nature, dramatic play, literature and language, health and nutrition.

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